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            Corkwerks 400

    Born of a need to have an AC load controlled by an IBM i-Series (AS/400) the Corkwerks 400 takes a standard parallel printer input and provides 2 separate sets of relay contacts and a switched AC output. A guarded front panel momentary switch allows for manual control of the outputs. Standard connectors are used throughout to make installation as simple as possible.

  • A single LED lighted switch on the front panel indicates when the relays are active and provides a  means of manually actuating the relays

  • A standard IEC power cord provides AC voltage to the unit through a master switch and a resettable circuit breaker. An internal MOV (Metal Oxide Varistor) provides surge protection for the unit in additional to any external surge strip or line conditioning device. The 5 volt DC supply inside is additionally fuse protected on the circuit board.
  • A standard parallel printer connector (Centronics 36 pin) allows the use of any ordinary printer cable for the control connection.
  • A double pole, double throw relay provides 2 separate sets of normally open and normally closed dry contacts capable of switching up to 5 amps at 125 volts. Clamp style connectors on the back panel simplify hookup.
  • A solid state relay provides switched AC voltage to a standard AC socket on the back panel up to 10 amps.

Interfacing to the IBM i-Series (AS/400)

    This design originated from a need to control production floor buzzers from the AS/400 to synchronize with time and attendance collections. Maximum flexibility was also desired for future buzzer system changes. With the selection of outputs the Corkwerks 400 is not limited to buzzer operation and models utilizing all 8 data lines in the parallel interface are possible. 

    In the buzzer application a remote PC (actually a time and attendance collection point) is connected to the Corkwerks 400. IBM's Client Access PC software has the capacity to accept incoming remote commands from the AS/400 to run specified programs. A scheduled process on the AS/400, using the same system time as the data collection points, passed a run command to the clock PC. The PC application simply prints a character to the parallel printer port for a predetermined length of time or a time parameterized by the AS/400 process calling the PC application.

    The AS/400 system is isolated from the AC load by the network connection to the PC and further by the printer port and the isolation of the Corkwerks 400's internal relays. 

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